It is hoped sincerely that there is too much light

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It is hoped sincerely that there is too much light

Post by nuretry on Tue May 31, 2011 6:09 pm

It is hoped sincerely that there is too much light

His mercy glorified, the law magnified and made honourable, every perfection of Deity exalted, and man redeemed I No doubt the state of mind described in the Tory Burch Outlet passage last cited, is to be found in every true Tory Burch Reva Flats Christian, as the evidence of having rightly received the atonement: but it is no more the thing so luminously asserted by St. Paul, than the signs of animation are life itself. Nor is it true that the notion, now so attractive," tends ratner to aimimsn man increase a sense of responsibility, and consequent humiliation : for repentance being the first thing insisted upon by the teacners 01 tne atonement, renders tne latter assertion palpably incorrect, while the fruits universally required by them in the way of evidence contradict the former. It is hoped sincerely that there is too much light m these days, for anything like a wide diffusion of such views, and that the efforts of those who would bring them into notice are about as certain to succeed, as attempts they might make, with equal absurdity, but Tory Burch Sale much less mischief, to revive the system of Ptolemy in opposition to that of Newton, the theory of Tory Burch Flats phlogiston against modern chemistry, or the whimsical fancy of Burnet's Mundane Egg in refutation of the discoveries of ourliving geologists. All these things might they find on the shelves of old libraries, and if they were pleased to reprint them with translations, as they have done the Tract of Vmcentius Linnensis. their philosophy and their theology would be most appropriate companions.One thing, however, may not a little tend to open the eyes of a thinking people, and perhaps ere long of the propounders themselves, to the nature of this theological quackery, and that is, the mountebank character of its outward accompaniments. Not content with endeavouring to revive certain doctrines of Romanism rooted out by our Reformers, they must bring m some of its exploded mummeries. A Protestant minister, like a Romish priest, turning his back on the people and his face towards a cross placed over the communion table, is a sight one should scarcely have expected to have seen in the nineteenth century.


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