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Post by torycherr on Sat May 07, 2011 11:55 am

On my attentionOn my attention being particularly turned to the Book of Revelations, my understanding became opened to discover that the prophecies therein contained, were not of such " private interpretation," as had been generally supposed. My mind was MBT Shoes enlightened to perceive, on the one hand, that the Almighty did not confine his notice in these communications to any particular nation, or to any particular circumstances of individual earthly governments, which may have appeared to men important; but that they respected the general society of mankind, as extensively as the doctrines of Christ were, or should be, professionally adopted. And, on the other hand, to perceive, that the nations who denied, or did not profess his name, were not included in the description of events which wereto succeed in the fulfilment of those prophecies, except only as they were, or should become, directly in contact with the body of Christian professors. Thus I found it was a history of religion, rather than of, nations, or of men.The book appearing to apply directly to the system of man's constitution, and to the mode and means of his redemption, and the fulfilment of his religious duties, and containing such a regular description of a chain of events, the accomplishment whereof exactly as foretold, affording such ample proof of the reality of divine revelation to man, and such clear demonstration of the truth of the system, I have believed it to be my duty to enter into a minute explanation of the manner MBT Shoes Sale in which this prophetical information has appeared to me to apply to those events: apprehending that to any person who divests himself of partiality, the MBT Trainers evidences produced will be sufficient to satisfy him of the ge neral propriety of the applications. If such MBT conviction should prevail in the mind of the reader, he will then have it in his power to view with satisfaction the accordance of the terms of expression, throughout the writings of the prophets in general, and to discover that many of the same circumstances, transactions and dispositions, are described, in a more or less extensive manner, by many of them.I know there have many attempts to explain the Book of Revelations, been made by men of eminence and learning; but without offering any remarks on their performances, I freely submit the present work to.


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