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not very clear

Post by tantangg on Thu May 05, 2011 9:08 am

not very clear

but still I hear the effect that: seven Xiang, perhaps, lay down in the past, you and him, and also can be happy! Wake up, already in the living room, surrounded by a quiet. Sat up from the couch, into the window, hand press the wall switch. Adapted to the indoor light, I gently pushed open the bedroom door, Yu Wen is still sleeping. Standing on the bed staring for a moment, quietly retreated. Go back to the couch back side, but suddenly found pressing on the coffee table with a note: Discount Coach Handbags "Seven Xiang, you are stubborn, I insisted. You remember it, I was able to acquire the company's case in China industry, made her famous, must rely on observation and patience! "could not help but sigh. Outsiders, I felt the most simple, just breaking step forward, Shen Xiang seven, can be happy, however, one would have Cheap Coach Handbags known, if indeed this step, it is likely that I this beyond redemption. Now, I have seriously weakened, Coach Bags Outlet if re-injured, there is no confidence can not be recovered again. There are some things, not where Coach Outlet Online you want to be able to do. Childhood, dreams do fly Touch of Zen; grow up, want to be carefree girl; perhaps Coach Handbags Outlet after the old, would like to return to the youth. What's more, my heart was, no one will understand! Used to sleep in that big bed, small sofa that is too crowded, constantly turning over, until finally adjusted to a somewhat comfortable position. Naturally, they think of the scene of that time, each seen Qiaobo boat, I think of that scene, that scene still makes me regret the circumstances. Memory, and his mother every meet, are not very happy, but, but never like that is so rattling. That after the death of his mother two months due to illness, my heart has been unable to calm down, not only because of missed and her final farewell, what really made me sad, is also around the last for a loved one away from me. In Qiao Bobo's insistence, I moved back from the school dormitory Jia, and Qiaobo boat, it happened to live in school dormitories on the grounds that that makes me able to put aside to prepare the National Physics Olympiad. Although still have to face the cold shoulder of his mother Ding Min Ran, however, there Qiao Bobo's good care, than by the exclusion of school, is considered a well-being. That day, however inadvertently heard Min Ding and friends on the phone. "Who knows, meticulous care, but also Coach Bags On Sale than the original love boat on the Park have added, do not know is that he and Xie Zhengfang living and the illegitimate daughter?" Can not help the speaker said the word: "this, Ding aunt assured that if I was Qiao Bobo's own daughter, he should not play evil fishes ah me! "She turned instantly pale, put down the microphone:" What do you mean? "" Over the weekend, you are not, and friends to What holiday? "I'm sweet chuckle," you not forgotten aunt, seven-hsiang, a nominal age eighteen this year! "young and fit, too long suppressed resentment, let me in the day Koubuzeyan. Every word, sentence thorn in her heart. "Your mother and daughter are the same, to the nature of death are powerless to Hu Cheap Coach Bags Mei!" "So what, so many years, Qiao Bobo obsession, it is always only one my mother!" I told her chuckle, "How can the small aunt, you can know that most good Qiao Bobo Road basil soup, who is teaching? so many dishes, why he would prefer small fish? Why do the balcony should plant lily of the valley? . "" Do not say! "" You will not believe, can go to ask Qiao Bobo, is not something owed to me, is not it is going to give me compensation? almost forgot, he also told me that night, never ran never liked you Ding Min. "days watch the TV series, I was over the play lines enough. "Seven Shen-hsiang, you . from now on, every day before going to bed, I have to pray to God, bless you in this life are not happy!" Looked at her blue face, my heart,


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