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died believers

Post by reva555 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:17 pm

died believers

but that they have died believers! shewing clearly, that some horrid presumption, pride, opposing temper, display of talent, arguing for the sake of argument, or at best some unworthy motive, prompted them to give their words the lie to their hearts. It would carry me beyond my intended boundary to enumerate the various anecr dotes I have met with of Hume, Voltaire, and others; but 1 cannot forbear recounting (for the satisfaction of the old lady in the Blue-boar-row) two very forcible ones, particularly as it Tory Burch Flats Concerned old women like herself, Hume's mother and nurse. The former, it appears, was a religious character, and at first greatly shocked at the principles her son had adopted; but, in course of time, she became his convert. Previous to her disso-lution, she grew restless, discontented, and melancholy; she felt the -want of that support which the Christian ftKgion so amply affords, bot was too far lost in the labyrinth of infidelity to extricate herself, or to repair to the fountain of living Wa-ters. Without renouncing the heresy effected by the power of her son's influence, she Tory Burch Outlet required his presence to aHevitfe her indescribable suffering; this account greatly disturbed him, and he set off to Scotland to see her; but, ere he reached it, she had breathed her last; and died with all the horror! of ex-pecting annihilation. What an awful thought!! Hew was her death-hed embittered by this deplorablearaism. A Wretch who can profess it, is not worthy to live, much less to be elected as a representative of the county of Wills county by no means standing in the back ground, in it religious views, or its co-operating practical systems. The anecdote referring to the nurse, is simply this; after the death of Hume, she was applied to, to attend on another' gentleman; she inquired, what religion he professed, for that if he was of the same way of thinking with her late master, she would not engage in his service for all that could he offered her, since she- could never forget the misery of his declining days and dying hours. Now, this good old nurse would have formed a happy trio with the old woman in the Blue-boar-row, and myselfwe would use our strenuous efforts to extirpate all such beings from the face of the earth, o/, at any rate, haunt them from society; and,as I have taken so much pains for her satisfaction.


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