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Post by reva555 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:16 pm

On this subject

On this subject I shall address you again. At present I would only ask, does Mr- ftenett believe " that ail Scripture is given by inspiration of God$"—Does Mr, B. be-lieve that " there are three that bear retard in Htaven, the Father, {he Word> and the Holy Ghost, and these three ore one Doje§ he believe that Jesus Christ is (rod over all blessed for ever ? Does he believe that he was crucifiedfor Ihq sins ef mankind? These are the questions that Mr. Lucas m^ght to fiave put. X am too well acquainted with their deis tical evasion to be soon satisfied with Mr. Lucas's rubbish | and until Mr, Bluett most satisfactorily removes the difficulty, there is not a man, a father a Christian, or jbinister amongst you that can give him a vote, without violating, your duty iq God. ypvr country, and posterity. But against all this, Tory Burch Flats this gentleman,, that s^ppery sopbister the Moon-Raker, tells yoi| thfrt the person making thp objection is well hmm^OQt imr possibles but Jmji not known to " The Moon-Raker, and hf never wili, that he may rest assured. It is of apcoasequence to him, H is pf infinitely leps to me r tbe truths I have asserted haye had tbi j 1 rejoice in it, nor shall it be patter of regret, $beul4 I ctfeu live to the very advanced fge of the Jloon- BakWs thait in my earlier years I was enabled to contribute t$ the downfall of that tower which local despotism had reared^ and t? the erection of that temple which freemen had oonso crated , Jtfr^Beuett things it au honour tp be well knomn^ Why should JL think it disgrace to be well kndwa also ? There js c^e thjag, gentlemen Tory Burch Outlet I am not knqwn, for ! ugy?r tendered wretched the abodes of pcace and happinemt by tbe ruin of a poor man's child; "nor did I ever rouse to resent-ment the feelings of an affectionate brother, by the seduction and abandonment of a beloved sister!" They talk of u rods in pickleI have one for " Tbe Moon-Raker," and Q! but it's a wapptr J—I am Gentlemen, your faithful friend, TITUS TRUEMAN. MB. EDITOR—I was so pleased with the observation of the old woman who walked down the Blue-boar-row (as related by cue of your correspondents), that I cannot Tesist holding a little inverse with her; particularly as her wish fully meets my own, and is certainly the prevailing wish throughout the couirty, viz. " That she hoped no atheist would ever repre-sent it." To whom she refers, I am not bound even to guess; proba-bly she herself does not know ; and still more probable, that she does not understand the term. I own I am strongly scep-tical of the possible existence of such a character; it is true f have heard and read of created beings, who have professed and Jived, to outward appearance, as atheists.


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