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Post by mbt99888 on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:21 am

other soldiers, Ed Hardy Bikinisoldiers quickly rushed to the walls under the cover of the next pain Mengfire, the fire instantly the gates and walls covered with the rapid disappearance of the enemy's fire, operator, only in less th an ten minutes, seven groups to win is not believe to the side gate of Cangzhou, take advantage of the topography of defensive injuries, waiting for the follow-up reinforcements!This speed, this powerful fighting style, since reputation earthquake that seven groups, was later hailed as the siege Jagged knife army newspaper groups such as newspapers, that is something, and won the side of the gate, does not mean toCangzhou City won, perhaps know no retreat retreat, perhaps, is to understand reinforcements, Cangzhou defenders launched frenzied counterattack, but thi s tough defensivn time for Ed Hardy Swimwearthe firstto, quickly organized the first military offensive, and very quickly defeated the garrison of the counter-offensive, soldiers scattered floor defenders scattered, not much fighting has been formed! This cast, cost less than half an hour before the first army to win almost all of it coated chow, and annihilated countless captured a large number of Northern soldiers, an hour than originally planned to lay Cangzhou City, a full doublingthe rate of efficiency, can be seen not witnessed before the first Army combat power of the Wei Lihuang sturdy, is far from underestimating the First Army's fighting strength, won the Cangzhou City, Wei Lihuang ordered to wipe out the
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