the temptation

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the temptation

Post by dreamscoko on Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:53 am

the temptation

To lessen the tory burch flats temptation to receive the bills, a company of merchants agreed to issue their notes or bills redeemable by silver and gold at distant periods, much like the scheme in , and attended with no better effect. The Governor exerted himself to blast this fraudulent undertaking, the Land Bank. Not only such civil and military officers as were directors or partners, but all who received and paid any of the bills, were displaced. The Governor negatived the person chosen Speaker of the House being a director of the Bank, and afterwards negatived of the new elected counsellors who were directors or partners in, or reputed favorers of, the scheme. But all was insufficient to suppress it. Perhaps the major tory burch sale part, in number, of the inhabitants of the province openly or secretly tory burch outlet were well-wishers to it. One of the directors afterwards acknowledged to me that although he entered into the company with a view to the public interest, yet when he found what power and influence they had in all public concerns, he was convinced it was more than belonged to them, more than they could make a good use of, and therefore unwarrantable. Many of the most sensible, discreet persons in the province saw a general confusion at hand. Application was therefore made to Parliament for an act to suppress the company, which, notwithstanding the opposition of the agent, was very easily obtained, and thereon it was declared that the act of the th of King George the First, chapter eighteenth, did, does, and shall extend to the colonies and plantations in America. Had not the Parliament interposed, the province would have been in the utmost confusion, and the authority of tory burch shoes Government entirely in the Land Bank Company."Every scheme for fixing the value of the provincial bills of credit having failed, te a new project was, in , reported by a committee of the House.and accepted, and afterwards concurred in by the council and consented to by the Governor.


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