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I presume

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I presume

(As no one, I presume, would go afloat with¬out either having sailors, or being pretty good amateur sailors themselves, it would be need¬less, as well as difficult, to write otherwise than in nautical termfc.)
We now take our leave of the harbour, and will have one cruise out of harbour before we proceed for the shooting'system to France:
To venture after fowl at sea you must have a large boat, with good bearings, that will carry plenty of canvass. Rowing after them scarcely ever answers; but when it blows fresh, a fast sailing
jimmy choo shoes boat may often run in upon geese, and sometimes other birds, before they can take wing; and after a coast has been for some
time harassed by the gtinning-punts, I have seen more birds killed under tail from a common boat, than by any other manner of day shoot¬ing. But, to do the business well, a stanchion- gun must
jimmy choo uggs be fixed in the boat, and this, by all means, contrived so as to go back with the recoil, or you run the risk of staving your boat, and, there¬fore, of being really in danger. Recollect, when you get on the outside of the harbour, an acci¬dent is no joke; and you have, as Dr. Johnson observes, but one plank between you and eternity. • ' >
A boat for this work shotild have plenty of bearings, and have
MBT Shoes Clearance as little keel as she can well go to windward with, in order to get, at times, within shot of the mud and sands, and also to run through a harbour at spring-tides, without getting aground. You should, there¬fore, for this sport, always make choice of a day when! the wind is off the land, and a time jimmy choo when the tide is flowing ; as you have then no danger of filling your boat with the MBT Shoes hollow sea of MBT a lee shore, or running her so fast aground as not to be able to get her off immediately.


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