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Post by skechers on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:50 pm

thus finishing

For thus finishing the business, the percussion system is a sine qud non, as these birds are sure to " duck the flash" after, if not before, being wing broken; and they will, when wounded, MBT shrug themselves up so much, that you ought to get within fifteen yards, before you give them the coup de grace. Hundreds of sportsmen would be glad to take a punt, and follow you, on a fine sunshiny day for this purpose; while you might either sit still and enjoy the fun, or be proceeding for jimmy choo uggs some other attack. But the business must be done as quick as possible; or one half of the curres will MBT Shoes be off, while you are killing the others. Cartridges and all other expeditious means are here desirable. Curres most fre¬quently keep afloat, instead of going on the mud.
BRENT GEESE.—Towards November, or December, we have the brent geese, which are always wild, unless in very hard weather. In calm weather the geese have the cunning, in general, to leave the mud, as soon as the tide flows high enough to bear an enemy, and then they go off to sea, and feed on the
jimmy choo drifting weeds. But when it blows so fresh, that they cannot weather it long enough to feed outside of the harbour, they then jimmy choo shoes continue MBT Shoes Clearance inside the whole day; though they most frequently take especial care to weather almost any thing, rather than' trust themselves there at night; except when they are very short of food. If therefore you have water over the mud for your punt, you may often make a tolerable shot by setting, or sailing, even in mild weather, particularly when the tide has kept up high, and the geese, having become hungry, are just getting their legs, at the first ebb; and still more so if this happens towards sunset, when they feed greedily pre¬vious to leaving the harbour for the night.


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