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got the gun

Post by skechers on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:49 pm

got the gun

Now that we have got the gun and punt together, a few more words as to the shooting: those, who fancy that any one can shoot well into jimmy choo shoes a large flock of jimmy choo uggs fowl, will find themselves in a mistake. There is, I MBT Shoes must repeat, much more knack in it than people are, at first, aware of; and, in my humble opinion, it is jimmy choo far more difficult than to kill double shots at MBT game; because the man, who can quickly pitch his gun on, or just be¬fore, a partridge, has so little variation in dis¬tance, as the birds are generally from twenty to forty yards off, that, without any further cal¬culation, or practice, he might, in a slovenly manner, contrive to knock down the greater part of those at which he fires. But, in the other shooting, the different calculations of elevation, See., are tenfold more difficult, and particularly if taking flying shots, at perhaps one hundred yards, from a boat that is rolling and pitching in a sea, and where one inch in aim might make the difference of twenty fowl at a shot, or not touching a feather. Ail this, however, is best gained by practice, though it may be right to caution the beginner against mismanage¬ment, that might unjustly put him out of conceit with his gun.
In sitting shots, he must (as I before observed, and cannot too often repeat)
MBT Shoes Clearance remember, at long distances, to preserve a little elevation for his gun; and further, a good elevation for the birds springing at the flash, amd perhaps being up before the shot has time to reach them.
On going to either hoopers or geese he will, nine times in ten, have notice by the birds themselves when he is to fire, as they, previously to taking wing, draw closer together and set their heads up; so that he may keep on, even if it were to within forty yards, till they give the signal. And if at night (which is the only time he could get so near) they were still down; he should first take level; and then,' previously to drawing the trigger, make some little noise, and by this means induce them to look up, before they receive their " allow¬ance."


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